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Carus 2017, expression of the new Salento brand

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The Tenute Tocci brand was born recently, to be precise in 2015 and incorporates an existing wine reality for about 150 years at the behest of Giuseppe Tocci who intended together with his wife Giusy Albano to continue cultivating the vineyards of the family possessions (master winemakers since 1850) .

The company cultivates and produces Primitivo, Negroamaro and Chardonnay.

In 2015 (exceptional year) the first 1000 bottles of Primitivo DOP are produced.

Over the years, production has grown and currently about 5000 bottles are produced per year

I got to try "Carus 2017" Primitivo di Manduria DOP.

"Carus" is a wine made from 100% Primitivo grapes whose name recalls that of the country where the company is located. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand from very old vineyards that are between 40 and 70 years old. The calcareous clay soils, the exposure and the climate make the grapes of high quality.

The grapes are harvested only manually in the first 3 weeks of September.

After maceration for about 10/12 days, the wine rests in stainless steel containers where it undergoes malolactic fermentation before being decanted into first passage oak barriques for 12 months.

At the sight it presents an impenetrable ruby ​​red, while the nose gives us hints that range from ripe fruit such as cherry, to wood given by aging in first passage barriques and then veer to leather

In terms of taste, we find a nice balance between hardness and softness.

A tannin present but "softened" by the wood and a good persistence means that both a wine is ready to drink and suitable for aging as the Primitivo grape itself suggests.

In addition to the traditional Apulian regional dishes (orecchiette, offal rolls), it goes well with red meat dishes, roasts, braised meats, grilled meats, salami or even with a good cigar if drunk as a "meditation" wine .


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