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The white wines of Salento: Fiano and Verdeca

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Directly from Greece, this grape variety was first brought to Campania in Avellino, in the city of Lapio where it immediately found its natural habitat.

He then arrived in Puglia thanks to Charles II of Anjou who, around the end of 1200, had 16,000 plants from Fiano imported from Cava dei Tirreni towards Manfredonia. However, its presence on Apulian land is also probable in previous eras.

Initially known as "Vitis Apicia" it changed its name many times (APINA, APIANA AND AFIANA) and then became FIANO.

Characteristic of this grape is not only its sweet scent but also its taste, which attracts swarms of bees.

Its ideal soil, in addition to being that of the Campania area (volcanic), is also found in Salento both in the lands near the sea, which enhance the aroma, minerality and scent of exotic fruits, and in the hinterland, where the aromas of honey, toasted hazelnuts and fresh fruit are the masters; of course let's not forget that it is a dry white and that its straw yellow color will be more or less intense always according to the areas in which it is produced.

Here are the wines that I think embody Fiano Salentino, naturally present on the Selfwines.it shop with other wineries:

1) Talò Fiano Salento I.G.P. San Marzano

2) Roycello Fiano Salento Igt 2018 - Tormaresca | Antinori

Discover them and also discover the other labels on the site.


Also of Greek origin, it owes its name to the greenish color of the berries.

Grape variety considered to be native to Puglia, in particular in the areas of the Itria Valley, Gravina, Tarantine and Bari. The ripening time of the grape is medium, between September and October.

His favorite terrains are the shallow ones, that is, those near the sea. The wines produced with 100% Verdeca have a straw yellow color with greenish hues.

The nose offers aromas ranging from wildflowers to citrus fruits such as bergamot and exotic fruits such as pineapple. They can also have herbaceous notes, mulberry flowers and a slightly almondy background in closing.

On the palate Verdeca wines show a light structure and are fresh, with good flavor and a certain persistence.

 Finally and last but not least, it is the most common white grape variety in the entire region.

And of the four labels available just inserted on the Selfwines.it website, I recommend:

1) Talò Verdeca Puglia I.G.P. - San Marzano

2) LO Locorotondo Dop from the Soloperto winery, bled with Verdeca and Bianco di Alessano grapes from vines aged 15/20 years.

Here too, please, discover them all !!!

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2020-03-14 13:34:35

Ho gustato e apprezzato leggendo. Bravo, Carmine!


2020-03-14 12:30:28

Complimenti, articolo molto interessante e dettagliato!